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New study shows that nearly half the children with cancer goes untreated

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Feb 28, 2019

Newly published research suggests that as many as 200,000 children around the world are going without treatment for cancer each year, especially in Africa, parts of Asia, and the Pacific. Worldwide, there are some 400,000 new cases of childhood cancer each year, but barely half are logged in national health registries, researchers reported in The Lancet Oncology, a medical journal. Sixty percent of countries do not even have cancer registries, and of those that do many only cover a fraction of the population.

“The patients will almost certainly die, although cancer will not be listed on a death certificate,” noted Eva Steliarova-Foucher, a scientist at the U.N.-backed International Agency for Research on Cancer, commenting on the study.

The story has been widely reported including the BBC World Service, The Guardian (UK), Japan Times, Outlook India and may other sources 

You can read the actual report here

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