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Here are three articles to help you get started...

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Dec 6, 2018

The World Bank has produced three articles recently - two are blogs. Why not have a look and provide your thoughts on what they have to say?

Charles, UKRI GCRF Team



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Comments (2)

DOUGLAS ORAMIS says... Dec 6, 2018

Thanks Charles. I will have a look at them

BHUVANA K.B says... Dec 9, 2018

Interesting blogs.

I think we need to have profiles stratified according to our disciplines. It helps in interacting even more effectively. We can have interdisciplinary trans disciplinary research, and can study how digital technology can bridge the gap.  As of now in profile, it would be difficult to go to each of the person to find the details. Otherwise its going fantastic. 

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