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Human Rights in Africa - The Challenges of Today

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Dec 7, 2018

The latest UN article I could find on human rights in Africa was dated 2004! (feel free to correct me if I am wrong?) 

There appears to have been a number of articles pubshed within the last year e.g. and

Technology has radically changed in fourteen years. So what are the current issues and how can we use the digital technology of 2018 to overcome these challenges?



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Comments (5)

Michael Ukwuru says... Dec 7, 2018

Africa is a big market destination when it comes to digital market. The reason is partly because Africa is a consuming economy and has no choice but to accept any digital development available to them. As digital development gradually penetrate Africa, this is the time to learn and be a co-producer of digital technology. In that way, digital technology will grow faster in Africa and Africa should now be able to penetrate other continents with their digital technology.


BHUVANA K.B says... Dec 9, 2018

Whats the update on Internet Governance Forum (Youth initiatives IGF) with Africa?


BHUVANA K.B says... Dec 9, 2018

Africa renewal 2018



Article on Women-led tech startups on the rise in Africa (Daunting obstacles remain in the tech industry)



Charles Clerck says... Dec 10, 2018

Hello Bhuvana. Can you please clarify the PDF link above as the link does not appear to work? Were you referring to this page?

The link to the women-led start ups -

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BHUVANA K.B says... Dec 10, 2018

Hi Charles, that's right. The link on women led start ups is in the Africa renewal magazine. 


That link was found from your search on 2004 Africa renewal link.

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