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Poor Governance in Africa

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Dec 12, 2018

There are a number of articles and features on this topic. A few for you to read are as follows...

So how can the people in power be made accountable and what role can technology perform to help give the citizens the tools they need to hold them to account?

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Comments (1)

Pamela Wadende says... Dec 14, 2018

The mobile phone technology can play an important role in keeping the people in power accountable in many areas in most countries in Africa. This is because there is widespread coverage of mobile phone technology. If this platform is used to monitor the activities of leaders, both elected by vote and appointed based on qualifications, then the mere fact of that  citizen are watching will go a long way in making them deliver better services. Mobile phone technology can also monitor government in areas such as how it makes decisions to spend money, on what and the processes leading up to this expenditure. Citizen are able to comment, protest, and even acknowledge good service.

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