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5 African innovations that could help achieve an equitable and prosperous future

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Dec 17, 2018

In an article on the website Responsible Business they have listed 5 African Innovations that they believe are changing lives for the better: Do you agree with this selection?

Are you working on a something better or similar? Even if the answer is no, please let us have your thoughts.

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Comments (1)

Cyril France says... Dec 19, 2018

Charles, thanks for sharing the article. Indeed, I fully agree that they are changing lives for the better. However, with regards to the 2nd New electric mini taxis, I would suggest that we first address this question: How can we put in place the right policies, demonstrate the viability and finally finance the transition to electric mobility? Ther would be a need for significant infrastructure investments (such as dedicated charging stations), grid integration and planning requirements, as well as a change in consumer attitudes and behavior. Electricity blackouts occur on a daily basis in 30 out of the 48 sub-Saharan Africa countries. Please read further in the World Economic Forum article:  

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