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Reuters names the Democratic Republic of Congo as the most neglected crisis of 2018

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Dec 20, 2018

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been named as the most neglected crisis of 2018, according to an annual poll of aid agencies by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.  The experts also listed the Central African Republic, Lake Chad Basin, Yemen, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Burundi, Nigeria and, for the first time, Venezuela.

The country's “mega-crisis” barely made headlines, they said, even as the country gears up for landmark elections on Sunday which some fear could stoke further unrest.

The Guardian UK newspaper also has a feature on the country as well as an editorial feature on the forthcoming elections and the World Health Organisation has published a report recently on the Ebola virus disease in the country.


This post was edited on Dec 20, 2018 by Charles Clerck

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