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Digital innovation to foster research on infectious diseases

Posted by Tiatou Souho Jan 8, 2019

Among challenges limiting sustainable development in Africa are Infectious diseases but due to laboratory equipments costs, experimental research in Africa fail to come up with sustainable solutions to prevent and treat tropical diseases that became “neglected”.

Computational sciences offer an alternative to make a substantial contribution to research on infectious agents. The following aspects could benefit from computer digital innovations:

  • Genomic data analysis of infectious agents
  • Research of structural compatibilities between the proteins of viral agents and chemical compounds.

The idea here is not to abandon wet experiments but to develop a new generation of sufficiently qualified researchers in bioinformatics to develop these promising aspects.

This post was edited on Jan 8, 2019 by Charles Clerck

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Comments (5)

Osu says... Jan 9, 2019
This also come with it cost too. Genomics data is huge requiring storage and it expensive, it requires high performance computers, the equipment and resources to generate the Genomics data is expensive as well. I feel we reach need to look inward to address our diseases problems.
BHUVANA K.B says... Jan 9, 2019

I agree with Osu. 

Tiatou Souho says... Jan 9, 2019

I understand your concerns but every research activity has a cost. The point is to set a starting point. My idea here was to emphasize the potential of digital innovation in a field were our efforts are slowed down by the lack of equipment in a world that offers many possibilities. Beyond the public health investigations based on patients’ interviews, very little research is done.

Actually, there are digital investigations that could at least guide the choice of axes that deserve experimental investigations. I don’t think we need big facilities in Africa to start doing something in bioinformatics. Even our personal computers can be used to make some useful analyses at least using the available data on accessible databases.

Ezinne Emeana says... Jan 9, 2019

I think steady electricity power supply with corrupt-free [if funds are not diverted for personal purposes] fund distribution in the health sector to secure the required equipment can actualise this digital innovation @ Osu and Bhuvana.   

Tiatou Souho says... Jan 11, 2019

You are right

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