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New £8 million research projects to re-think plastics production and use

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Jan 10, 2019

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), part of UKRI, has announced that eight new projects were successful in the Creative Circular Economy Approaches to Eliminate Plastics Waste competition, and are among the first to be funded through the Plastics Research Innovation Fund (PRIF). 

The Fund, which will be managed by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), is engaging Britain's best scientists and innovators to help move the country towards more circular economic and sustainable approaches to plastics. It will be delivered via the EPSRC, Innovate UK, with strategic oversight from Professor Duncan Wingham, Executive Chair of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).

Researchers will investigate alternatives to fossil-based materials for plastics, as well as looking into the complex factors involved in the life cycle of plastic materials, from consumers' and business' needs and behaviours, to how to use technology to reclaim or break down plastics. The UK Science Minister, Chris Skidmore, said that the eight new research projects will explore new and different ways of making, using and recycling plastics.

You can read the full press release here

This post was edited on Jan 10, 2019 by Charles Clerck

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Comments (3)

Julius Gane says... Jan 10, 2019

Hi Charles, I think we can be thinking about converting waste plastics to energy - especially hydrogen gas. My research interests cover the thermochemical technologies (i.e. pyrolysis and gasification) used to convert plastics to energy. Any future research collaboration is welcomed. Best wishes!


Charles Clerck says... Jan 10, 2019

Hello Julius, you may therefore want to get in touch with one (or more) of the successful Universities as listed on the press release to see if they would be willing to collaborate with your research?

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Osu says... Jan 14, 2019
The plastic menace..hopefully we see innovations coming from the projects
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