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The drone pilot whose maps are saving lives in Zanzibar

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Jan 14, 2019

Khadija Abdulla Ali is a drone pilot in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar and she is a member of the Zanzibar Mapping Initiative. The Zanzibar Mapping Initiative is the largest drone mapping exercise in the world, but the project was inspired by one across the water in Dar Es Salaam, in mainland Tanzania, which is partly funded by the UK's Department for International Development.

You can read the full story on the BBC website

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Comments (1)

Mohamed Ajuang says... Jan 29, 2019

That's really awesome. I am humbled to meet you Charles.That was a really good article. Drone mapping technology is a tool as a Geomatics engineer I believe, will be revolutionary in the achievements of the SDGs (Food Security, Health) allowing for collection of GIS data crucial in physical planning, infrastructure development, Health program initiatives as well as Agricultural initiatives 

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