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Kenya plastic boat raises pollution awareness

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Jan 30, 2019

A traditional dhow called "Flipflopi" was made entirely of trash and built by Ali Skanda.

With the goal of raising awareness on the devastating effects of plastic pollution, Flipflopi was built thanks to plastic waste collected especially on Kenyan beaches. The rest of the boat, was built using 10 tons of shredded plastic and then molded, only the mast is made of wood. The hull was then covered with 30,000 sandals “tong” garish colors, also picked on the beaches, which gave their name to the boat (sandals are called flipflops in English) and gives it the appearance of a multicolored patchwork. It began a 500-kilometer trek in Lamu, north of the Kenyan coast. and is expected to reach its final destination, Zanzibar Island, on 6th February 2019

Read the full story here

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