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Developing a recommendation engine with interactive interface for quick writing of Clinical Trial Protocols

Posted by Olaitan Awe Jan 31, 2019

For cancer patients,

- Clinical Trial cycle time is high

- Clinical Trial costs are high
- Drug development costs are therefore high
- Existing Clinical Trial protocol writing approach is wearisome

An innovative approach to solving this problem is a recommendation engine for clinical trial protocols, in order to save the lives of cancer patients. This tool will have an interactive user interface and will have the following features:
- require minimal system resources
- identify eligibility criteria matching user inputs and make recommendation
- quick generation of Clinical Trial protocols
- intelligent protocol drafting
- automated and accurate protocol writing

- more intuitive user experience

Other additional features can then be added to the tool over the course of time for improvement.

This post was edited on Jan 31, 2019 by Charles Clerck

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