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Global Challenges Research Fund – Open calls

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Feb 1, 2019

UK Research and Innovation has launched various new calls under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) which are open to both UK and overseas applicants. Please follow the links below for more information, including info on eligibility.

GCRF Sustainable energy and international development: beyond technology (ESRC Pre-call announcement) -

GCRF Gender and intersectionality and Education as a driver of sustainable development network plus (ESRC) -

GCRF - Cultures, Behaviours and Histories of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition call (AHRC) -

UKRI GCRF Health and Context call 2019 (MRC) -

GCRF Equitable resilience: ensuring resilience enhances the Sustainable Development Goals (ESRC) -

UKRI GCRF Collective Programme - Multiple & Systemic Risks (NERC Pre-announcement)-

GCRF Development-based approaches to protracted displacement (ESRC Pre-announcement)-

GCRF Global Engagement Networks (UKRI) - 

You can find out more on the UKRI GCRF pages at



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Comments (3)

lauren clarke says... Feb 1, 2019

Great opportunities to collaborate with those you may have met on the platform!!

Osu says... Feb 2, 2019

Yeah it cool to collaborate but all the calls requires a UK partner which for me is missing on this platform as most of the UK participants didn't participate much for us to identify potential collaborator(s) to approach. But it will be good if they take a shot at us. 

lauren clarke says... Feb 4, 2019

I would recommend checking people's profiles and seeing where their expertise lie if they have provided this information. 

Plus if you haven't already filled this info in yourself make sure you do! 

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