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Nigerian elections and health news in Libya and Burundi

Posted by Charles Clerck (Admin) Feb 11, 2019

A number of interesting stories over the weekend. How can/could technology help with these events?

Nigerian elections

The BBC has produced an article on the elections entitled "Mapping a nation in nine charts"

Africa News comments on a fire at the election office building in Plateau state

There are a number of other sites reporting on the elections including the Daily Post NigeriaPulse Nigeria and Al Jazeera.

Other news:

Africa News has an article about "Fish perish en masse in Libyan lake" (other sites also post this news).

There is also an article about a health alert in the the port town of Bujumbura (previously called Usumbura) the former capital, largest city and main port of Burundi as it struggles to manage its waste.


This post was edited on Feb 11, 2019 by Charles Clerck

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Comments (1)

Osu says... Feb 11, 2019

It is election time and one will expect stuffs like these to happen when election is less than a week. It happened in DRC congo. CCTV, security and fire alarm could be deployed to mitigate all this things but then for the kind of politic played in the country, such innovative approach won't be employed. Smart house can be built that can auto activate and regulate by turning on the sprinklers and reduce the amount of oxygen that can induce inflammation. 

Since the president is worried about corruption, I will suggest he tries my iCorrupt/Justice idea

The other issues with fish dying and waste is all part of what we discussed on managing pollution on the forum. African and her leaders are yet to awake to the danger that lies ahead. We need drastic measures.

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