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What is the purpose of the platform?

This platform allows us at UK Research and Innovation to explore what the real and immediate challenges are being faced within Africa today. We want your input to help shape research in the area of digital innovation for development in Africa.

What opportunities can digital innovation bring?

The increase in the amount of people using the internet since 2000 in Africa is more than any other region. This teamed with the largest cohort of under 25s in history living in the region highlights how digital channels have immense opportunities to provide long and lasting impact. 

Digital technologies offer opportunities including:

  • Improve learning
  • Stimulate economic and fiscal growth
  • Increase inclusion for marginalised groups
  • Provide better transparency and tools to hold governments and other institutions to account, 
  • Offer new and innovative ways to improve quality of life.                                                                                                                                                   

What topics are being covered?

We have three topics, each with their own themes that you can post an idea to. Just click the one of the topic areas below to start posting: 

How can I get involved?

  1. Click the Get involved link on the home page to see a list of all Challenges you can participate in.
  2. Click on the Challenge title you want to post in to see a full description of the challenge and submissions.
  3. Post an idea and be sure to answer all the questions on the submission form. You can even add images to help support your idea!

What happens to my idea?

The ideas gathered will be collated and used to shape future UKRI spending activities under the Global Challenge Research Fund. Thoughts collected on the challenges and potential for digital innovation to solve these will provide recommendations for research in these areas in order to make progress. We also aim to engage and connect local actors, researchers, entrepreneurs and organisations and create an open forum in which to exchange expertise as well as ideas. 

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