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Equitable use and management of environmental resources

The governance and management of environmental resources (forests, rural areas) require the engagement of the people that are living in an area. There are social and political challenges that are central, but also need to have evidence and documentation of the conditions. What is the role of technologies in managing information? How can they use while respecting local needs? 

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

Participatory mapping includes the use of technology and structured inclusive social process. At UCL Extreme Citizen Science we developed participatory mapping frameworks and technologies for and with low-literacy people. The technology have been used mostly with forest communities (Congo-basin and Namibia) but what other context and applications should they be used for and how? 

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BHUVANA K.B 2 months ago

Muki, Impressive article. Rural communities who are illiterates can be educated with easy to use apps, with pictorial forms and audio feedback.

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Charles Clerck 2 months ago

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Kate Royse 1 month ago

Weve been developing mobile apps to help with communicating hazard risk and collecting data on and damage caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions ..... have you used your framework in this context?

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Muki Haklay 1 month ago

Hi Kate, yes, in two cases. First, I've discussed it with the team of (Jenni Barclay et al.) and also - both cases were preliminary discussions and experiments. I have done other work with the World Bank GFDRR, such as researching what the the conditions for government use of crowdsourcing of geographical information.

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Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

Status label added: 1st Submission Idea

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Cyril France 1 week ago

Hi Muki,
A very interesting idea, especially the participatory mapping and citizen science approach has proven to be effective. On a similar theme but not entirely the same, you can check my post on 'The Role of Young People and Digital Innovations in Promoting Good Environmental Governance: The Case of Ghana':

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