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Gender Equality and Islamic Memory in Africa

Radical differences exist between the place of women in Islamic memory across majority-Muslim states in Africa. While the importance of recognizing women's historic spiritual leadership and power has formed an important part of debates in some contemporary states (especially Senegal, Morocco and Tunisia), in many countries (such as Algeria and Libya) current discussions of Islam and the public sphere tend to ignore the rich heritage of the history of women in Islam.

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

A country-by-country archive of women and Islam could be established which offered biographies of significant holy figures, descriptions of rites and rituals associated with women, and links across national borders. This could include significant numbers of images which could be used in educational materials and circulated via social media channels. Younger generations already display a huge thirst for digital sharing with regard to religious and national heritage.

Charles Clerck 1 month ago

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Charles Clerck 1 month ago

Have you seen this UN Women brief from 2017 William ?
There are also a number of links on this page from Cornell University Library although many of these may be more based on the middle east rather than Africa

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William Gallois 1 month ago

Thanks Charles. Those are really useful resources! I think the digital opportunity here is to broaden the canon of Islamic history in Africa such that it recognises the place of ordinary and elite women rather better. There are some wonderful academic works in the field, but also real possibilities for better dissemination:

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Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

Status label added: 1st Submission Idea

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