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Governance in Africa is shrouded in secrecy

In almost all African countries, the business of governance is done in secret such that the people have no good information about what the government is doing. Information coming from the government to the people is edited in favour of the government. The people have little or no contributions to governance because they have no proper knowledge of what happens in the government circle. Simply put, there is no freedom of information. Laws are circumvented and twisted by those who have the arm.

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

Freedom of information bill should be passed into law in all African states and every information should be accessible to the people through improved digital development. Government policies, fund utilization, economy, election matters and many more should be provided on a digital platform accessible to the people.  This will increase people's knowledge of governance which they can critically examine and contribute.

Josephine Muchogu 1 month ago

Hi Michael,
The Government of Kenya (through Kenya Law) has made great strides in this area. We have a digital platform where all the Laws of Kenya (and other legal publications) are published and available to the public.

The biggest challenge is with actual consumption of this information by the public. I think that legal matters have, for a long time (in Kenya at least) been perceived as complex, and difficult to understand, and ordinary citizens are largely intimidated by the thought of tackling legal and policy issues without expert guidance.

I suggest that making information on governance available to the public should go hand in hand with an extensive awareness campaign, offering step by step guidance to ordinary citizens on how to best access and make use of this information.

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Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

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