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Herdsmen killings across Nigeria

Today in Nigeria, many of our people are gruesomely murdered by armed herdsmen in many parts of the country. It has reached an alarming proportion. In addition, many of the local farmers are impoverished by nomadic cows grazing on farms. Any response by the farmers are often resisted and in some cases met with deadly attacks. 

Often, the herdsmen are non natives as these are basically nomads. Since there is always needs for animal proteins, there will be need for digital training on ranching.

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

The techniques for ranching is well established in the United Kingdom. The value chain for animal husbandry is also well established in the UK. Equipment for milk extractions and beef processing is also quite available in the UK. 

Via digital technologies, training on ranching and primary processing of animal products can be undertaken to ease current state of poverty, malnutrition and wanton destruction of lives and properties in Nigeria. Techniques for Importation of needed UK equipment is key.

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Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

Interesting post Opeyemi.
I see this story was widely reported last summer including reports by CNN and Forbes and many of the Nigerian press outlets

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Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

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