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SMART Agriculture

Precision Agriculture using sensors, remote sensing and drones offers the potential to make agriculture more efficient, resilient to stresses and sustainable (balance with environmental impacts). The key thing is how these technologies can actually aid decision makers i.e. smallholding farmers.

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

Internet of Things sensor packages have the potential to collect big data on soil, crop and meteorological variables 

Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

Ian, there are a number of posts on the platform on this similar topic:
Harnessing Digital Technologies for Transformative change in African Agriculture
Developing in situ- based environmental and land management technologies for improving ecosystem services

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Mainassara Abdou ZAMAN-ALLAH 2 weeks ago

That's true charles but some are not quite explicit on what outcome they are focusing on.

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lauren clarke 2 weeks ago

Status label added: 1st Submission Idea

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Cyril France 1 week ago

Hi Ian,
I find your idea very interesting.
Kindly indulge me, I would like to get further understanding, could you please unpack your idea. I am with you on the idea of leveraging IoT's for efficiency. You lost me on the resilient to stresses. How will sensors, remote sensing and drones offer the potential to make agriculture more resilient to stresses?

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