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Sustainable Flood Management

Flood risk is a growing hazard globally, and the cost of building traditional defences is too high to meet demand.  Using sustainable approaches to complement defences is believed to be a way forward. Working with Natural Processes e.g. storing water in wetlands, best practice of soil management, channel restoration, sustainable urban drainage etc, offer low cost, sustainable interventions which could reduce runoff and stop flooding at the source rather than the receptor.  However, more research is needed on upscaling this approach.

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

Many catchments are ungauged, establishing IoT gauging networks of weather and flow data would be advantageous in detecting the impacts of these kind of interventions and for validating models. Furthermore, due to the vast quantity of possible future management scenarios, approaches such as parallel processing, optimisation etc make this more achievable.

Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

Hello Ian, have you seen these posts on a similar topic? Developing Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems at national and local levels in Africa
Drainage and greywater management in South African informal settlements

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Josephine Muchogu 2 weeks ago

Hi Ian,
This is a fantastic idea, with a very wide scope (geographical and data sets).
I think that the approach in Frederick's post would be interesting to consider.

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Charles Clerck 2 weeks ago

Status label added: 1st Submission Idea

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