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Bridging the education divide in Ghana

There is a great disparity in education between urban and rural schools in Ghana. The urban areas attracts the best teachers and talents because of the better infrastructure. rural Ghana can not attract the best teacher because they lack the basic social  amenities and private investment in education. Most of the failures in the Basic education certificate education are recorded from schools in the rural areas.Many students can not make it to the senior high schools and those who make it struggle because their education foundation is weak and hence do no t make it to the universities.The current governement has rolled out its flagship free senior high school education to help the poor get high school education. However the urban school's graduate enjoy the most as they pass the examination well.

Therefore to provide inclusive and equitable quality education there is the need to address the problem of the quality of basic education which forms the foundation for students to climb the educational ladder which leads to poverty alleviation.

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

Tablet pc  is very portable ,powered by 5v and can be charged with solar panels which is ideal for rural areas. Students in these areas can be given tablets packed with apps which covers the educational syllabus and tests. Students can visit  district information hubs with internet access to update the apps and also upload their activities to server. The activities and test score can be analyzed to identify the topics the district teachers are struggling with and make recommendation

Cyril France 2 weeks ago

Dear Bryan,
The disparity in education between the urban and the rural schools in Ghana is a pertinent issue that requires the needed attention of all stakeholders. Likewise, I am confident that digital technologies can bridge the divide. What are your thoughts on the intersection of your idea with Open Education? I support your idea of a "district information hubs" however, I am not pretty in favour of the idea of giving tablets to students. Perhaps, you might want to provide further info on the need to give tablets to students.
Thanks for sharing your idea.

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lauren clarke 2 weeks ago

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