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Environmental Sustainability Ideas/Innovation Hub

We are in a digital age and global knowledge economy! The sustainability of our planet requires new ideas or new approaches to old ideas/methods (innovation) to address current global and specifically African challenges.

Consequently, in recent times, we have seen the birth and rise of 'innovation hubs' cutting across diverse fields and topics including climate change, technology, graphics, coding, enterprise management, etc. These hubs have encouraged business start-ups based on linking ideas with potential investors while solving problems.

My idea is to birth an innovation hub or improve on one (such as this one - UKRI Digital Innovation for Development in Africa) which I call - Environmental Sustainability Ideas/Innovation Hub.

It will provide an interdisciplinary and multistakeholder platform for sharing ideas to tackle specific environmental challenges in targeted African states or cities. 

How could digital technologies provide a solution to this challenge?

Digital technologies would provide the platform for innovators or idea creators to pitch ideas or potential solutions to specific environmental challenges. 

These will be considered by potential collaborators, investors or lobbyists to actualise the idea(s) and/or influence relevant policies.

The ideas can be driven by posts of real/actual environmental menace such as shown in the accompanying video (floating mass of debris and invasive plants on the Lagos lagoon).

What do you think? 

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Osu 2 weeks ago

We need something like this. I think @charles posted a blog relating to this. Can it be more of community driven solutions just in case there are no investors? Judging from this platform, how will the engagement be driven to ensure maximum participation.

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Temitope Sogbanmu 2 weeks ago


By 'community-driven solutions', do you mean solutions targeted at/specific to certain communities OR solutions that are implemented through 'community/stakeholders participation'?

With respect to getting investors, I believe that 'incentivising' solutions to societal problems (just as the use of 'crypotocurrency' as posted by @Cyril France) will ensure its sustainability which is a main goal of the environmental innovation hub.

In Africa, due to our low economic status, most environmental solutions without some form of business strategy are not sustainable. I have personally experienced this even in other volunteer (mentoring secondary school students) works that I do. The interest is high at the beginning but as time goes on, the sustainability of such initiatives are usually ensured through some form of economics (which is actually part of the innovation).

In summary, in the beginning, an innovator can invest his/her resources including utilizing community/stakeholders to actualize the solution. However in the long term, investors (could be communities, government, private organisers, international agencies) are required to scale up and ultimately sustain the innovation/solution.

Check out this brilliant innovation -

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Osu 4 days ago

I meant implementation through community/stakeholders participation.
And I love the river clean up video..very innovative. I wish there is easy access to it.

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Temitope Sogbanmu 4 days ago


As shown in the video, a scale up of the innovation requires funds and investment particularly to be able to sustain and implement it across polluted aquatic environments regionally or globally.

However, support of the stakeholders (such as local government or regulators, media, local communities) would have been required to secure permission/access and get publicity among others.

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Cyril France 1 week ago

Hi Temitope,
The birth of an Environmental Sustainability Ideas/Innovation Hub is a brilliant initiative in principle. A question, would the hub function or operate in practice as a "Community of Practice"? I'm in support of your comment on the 'incentivising' solutions for the sustainability of the environmental innovation hub. Perhaps, we can look into how this hub would operate or function practically.

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Cyril France 1 week ago

On a similar theme but not entirely the same, you can check my post on 'The Role of Young People and Digital Innovations in Promoting Good Environmental Governance: The Case of Ghana':

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Temitope Sogbanmu 1 week ago

Great, I'll check this out.

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Temitope Sogbanmu 1 week ago

Hello Cyril,

I suppose the operation of the hub as a 'Community of Practice' would make sense, since the underlying interests of persons that will join/visit the hub will be 'sustainability' focused.

However, some other persons such as investors, might just be interested in the 'business' and returns on investment'.

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