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The United Nations SDGs cannot be sustained, and therefore attained, without access to data in the right format. Developing an inter-operable spatial data infrastructure remains one of the key challenges for most African countries especially re the management of environmental problems resulting from human activities. Once data access and data sharing is enabled, almost half of the environmental problems can be easily solved... because you can't give what you don't have. Most solutions to...

Dr. B. Anifowose
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Dr. B. Anifowose

Dr. B. Anifowose

United Kingdom

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Bio Dr Babatunde Anifowose CEnv., MSPE, MEI, SFHEA holds a Diploma in Data Processing (Comp. Sci.), BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Lagos, Akoka-Nigeria and a PhD in Geography and Environmental Science from the University of Birmingham UK (funded by the Nigerian Government through the Petroleum Technology Development Fund: 2007-2010). Dr Anifowose’s research interest focuses primarily on the assessment and mitigation of environmental impacts across the oil and gas value chain including the social-environmental science nexus and specifically oil spill trajectory simulation/modelling on water particularly in an EIA context; and how these influence livelihoods and environmental sustainability.

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B. Anifowose

Coventry university

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United Kingdom

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I'm keen on data and data format to address environmental and pollution issues in Afica and Nigeria. There's a lot of unknowns and opportunities as far as digital environmental problem solving is concerned in developing nations and this requires innovative thinking

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