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Undoubtedly, increasing waste generation and emissions in air and water are pressing concerns of many urban-dwellers and cities across Africa. Excessive concentration of the population in large cities, thus expose the populace to the deteriorating quality of urban environments which is having negative effects on health and well-being. 

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Blocking the menace of plastic pollution, using Blockchain

Plastic is an incredibly convenient material but it also can result in significant environmental degradation. As plastics are non-biodegradable, over time they don't fully decompose, rather they simply break into smaller and smaller pieces in a process that can last hundreds of years. In 2010 alone, it was estimated that 8-20 million tonnes of plastic made its way to the ocean. According research, plastic pollution is responsible for the annual deaths of about 1-million birds and 100,000...

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mHealth: The Nurse Assistant & Patient App

The limited number of health workers, equipment, transportation and ambulance service, inadequate data sets on maternal health care, lack of structure and regulation in maternal programs, and the limited number of maternal health services at district level are among the myriad challenges in the health sector in sub-Saharan Africa. Maternal mortality and morbidity are still high and one of the biggest health burden (WHO, 2015). It is estimated that 99% of maternal deaths occur in developing...

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The Role of Young People and Digital Innovations in Promoting Good Environmental Governance: The Case of Ghana

Notwithstanding, efforts been made by the Government, the active inclusion of young people as relevant actors is abysmal. There have been very little efforts in actively including young people as relevant actors in the promotion of good environmental governance. Similarly, there is no mention or policy strategy on how the huge untapped potentials of digital innovations and technologies can be utilised to promote good/better environmental governance.  

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Cyril France

Hove, Belgium

Joined this community on Nov 29, 2018

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Bio I am the Executive Coordinator of Youth Path Organisation and a member of the UK Research & Innovation International Development Peer Review College. I am an early-stage researcher with a background in R4D, policy research, monitoring and evaluation. I have been involved in policy evaluation and research activities. Notable topics of my research include 'an analysis of how the cocoa sector takes climate change into account', 'the impact of climate change on cocoa production' and 'a systematic review of the cocoa production supply chain'. While working at UNESCO's Internal Oversight Service in Paris I provided valuable inputs to some of the sections of UNESCO’s policy evaluation on culture and sustainable development. I was selected by the International Council for Science to join the scientific and non-academic reviewers for the Leading Integrated Research for Agenda (LIRA) 2030 in Africa. In the sphere of urban governance and planning, I was a Programme Associate with the Urban Passenger Transport Unit at TMA in Ghana. Our mandate was to improve urban mobility and promote a shift to more environmentally sustainable transport modes & lower transport-related GHG emissions. I have experience in community-based project coordination in the sphere of youth civic engagement. My experience includes managing full-cycle donor-funded projects from proposal writing to monitoring and evaluation (M&E). The project areas include strengthening civil society participation in policy-making, promoting youth innovation and youth advocacy.

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Cyril France


Youth Path Organisation

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Cyril France, an early career researcher and M&E practitioner. Currently, he is the Coordinator of Youth Path Organisation, a youth-led organisation that is committed to promoting the creation of initiatives that inspire and empower youth to fulfill their potential and contribute to activities that create social and environmental impact in Ghana. He is also serving the UK Research & Innovation as a member of the International Development Peer Review College. Prior to serving on the college, he worked with UNESCO in Paris, where I offered valuable inputs to some of the sections of UNESCO’s evaluation report on culture and sustainable development. He was also invited by the European Commission as a discussant at the Joint Africa-EU Strategy Structured Dialogue with Students and Alumni in Africa. He holds academic degrees in M.Sc. Development Evaluation and Management from the University of Antwerp - Belgium and B.A. Development Management from the University of Wales – UK.

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