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Virtual laboratory

One of the challenges we face in our universities in Africa is the lack of equipments for practical sessions especially in biology. However we are regularly exposed to some epidemic diseases that require bio-safety level 3 facilities for the control of the disease. In presence of such dramas, international institutions and developed countries generously provide that equipments but technicians don’t necessarily have skills for proper use of these equipments. Based and the few successes so...

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1st Submission Idea

Bioinformatics for infectious diseases eradication

Among challenges limiting sustainable development in Africa are Infectious diseases but due to laboratory equipments costs, experimental research in Africa fail to come up with sustainable solutions to prevent and treat tropical diseases that became “neglected”. Computational sciences offer an alternative to make a substantial contribution to research on infectious agents. The following aspects could benefit from computer digital innovations: Genomic data analysis of infectious agents...

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Tiatou Souho

Kara, Togo

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